Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness Accommodates Every Schedule, Delivering Convenient Self-Defence Classes in South Perth, East Victoria Park, Carlisle, and Beyond.

The miles stretch long beyond your home - forcing you to endure countless minutes in search of the gym, demanding tedious time spent in traffic. You dedicate your afternoon to travel instead of fitness, and the results are taking a toll (with too much stress and too little movement undermining your attempts to embrace a healthy lifestyle). Traditional health centres, you realise, simply can’t accommodate your schedule.

Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness can, offering you the convenience you deserve. We provide self-defence classes to Perth, self-defence to East Victoria Park, and self-defence classes to Carlisle - ensuring easy access to experienced training and exciting programmes.

Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness: About Us

Since 2008 we’ve served as the premier provider of self-defence classes in South Perth and beyond, offering our students an engaging environment and quality training. Our multi-style programme - which combines Muay Thai, Kali, and more - strengthens both the body and the mind; and our instructors cater to all ages, helping to build skills.

To further enhance the fitness experience, our self-defence classes in Perth also boast convenient full-time schedules. Take advantage of our centralised Western Australia locale and flexible timetables to ensure easy everyday results.

Choosing Self-Defence Classes in East Victoria Park and Beyond: Our Programme

To ensure that our students receive the education - and experiences - they deserve, we boast an array of self-defence classes in Carlisle, Perth, and beyond. Each emphasises fitness, fun, and well-being, with our instructors showcasing core abilities. Options include:

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing (Striking, Counter-Striking, Grappling).
  • Kali Sikaran (Bando, Panantukan, and Western Boxing).
  • Freestyle (Karate, Kali, Kickboxing).
  • Kickboxing (Circuit Training), and more.

These self-defence classes in South Perth provide students with the skills they need - delivering improved health, increased focus, and invigorated energy. They highlight technique and inspire confidence.

Finding Self-Defence Classes in East Victoria Park and Beyond: Our Scheduling

Our self-defence classes in Perth ensure that students receive the instruction they need. As a premier full-time facility, however, we also offer convenience - with programmes available Monday through Saturday (6:00 am to 8:00 pm). We accommodate every man, woman, and child with daily options and private workshops alike. This ensures that training is always possible and always accessible.

Searching for Self-Defence Classes in South Perth and Beyond? Contact Us!?

As the leading provider of self-defence classes in Carlisle and Perth, we believe that our students deserve more than world-class instruction. Instead, they deserve simplicity - and this is why we offer flexible scheduling for families. No longer struggle to find a programme that reflects your fitness needs and your timeline.

To learn more contact us today on 08-9355-0255 or pop in to see us at Unit 9, 5 Milford Street, East Victoria Park.

You can request further information via our online form. Our team will gladly offer information about scheduling, private classes, and even our exclusive Special Offer (which provides seven days of training for only $20.00).

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