Looking for a Friendly Studio Offering Muay Thai for Beginners in Perth, South Perth, or East Victoria Park? Come to Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness

The history and scope of martial arts around the world are truly incredible, with some boasting histories that stretch back thousands of years. With tens of millions of practitioners in these sports globally, it makes sense to be curious about the benefits and what goes on in a studio. Today, one of the most practised martial arts is Muay Thai, and for good reason. With its impressive focus on many different areas of the body and the combination of both striking with the hands and the feet, it's an intense discipline. It's no surprise that many use it as a way to get fit while also finding balance in their lives through the aspects of developing mental focus. Aren't martial arts unfriendly to beginners like you, though? Not at all!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting place to start, Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness is the place for you. Offering accessible and easy to understand Muay Thai for beginners in Perth, we're here to help build you up — not to break you down and leave you wondering why you even signed up in the first place. Operating for almost a decade now, our founder has 26 years of experience and truly believes that Muay Thai can be accessible to anyone with the drive to try. We have flexible class times that mean you can fit us into your schedule without much hassle at all.

A welcoming environment in Muay Thai for beginners for East Victoria Park

What makes AMAF such an excellent choice for beginners, aside from the welcoming atmosphere we work so hard to foster? Choosing us as your Muay Thai studio has many advantages — let's consider a few of them:

  • No pressure, no worries; we want to push you to better yourself, not to compete. That's why our classes in Muay Thai for beginners in East Victoria Park are structured around giving you the ability to choose the options sufficient for you
  • Contemporary, safe principles in training form the foundation of our philosophy.
  • Higher ranked students assist in the training provided for beginners, so you learn from someone who understands that everyone must start somewhere
  • No need to be fit when you begin; we teach basic principles to beginners aimed at building you up slowly to higher, more advanced levels

Improve your fitness — and your child's, too

AMAF is among the best places to learn Muay Thai for beginners in South Perth — and not just for adults. Looking for a way to get your young ones involved, too? We have excellent classes for young beginners, too, including our Teens MMA programme. While focusing on Muay Thai for the beginners of Perth, we also teach youngsters the basic principles of self-defence while instilling the values of respect and discipline all martial arts teach. If you would like to become a part of our family, we'd be happy to have you! Phone us straight away on (08) 9355 0255 to ask about how to get started, or stop by and see us. We are easy to find at Unit 9/5 Milford Street in East Victoria Park.

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