teens kickboxing


11-15 years

Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts

Much like the adults classes, you will learn the skills, movement and explosive techniques associated with Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing), all while improving your physical fitness, stamina, mental discipline, confidence and overall well being.

This is a fun technical class, designed for youths, mixed with the knowledge of a variety of martial arts skills through the MMA class to better prepare you for any future situation that may arise.
The objective is to build a stronger more confident student, through training martial arts. As with the adults Muay Thai classes we have a grading system in place to test and pressure their learned skill sets through each grade level.

Here at AMAF we treat this class of girls and boys as young adults, grooming them through their adolescence into their adult years. They choose to be in this particular program as they wish to be taught as young adults not children, hence why we split the age groups.

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