Kaizen Freestyle Karate


6-10 years

Kaizen Freestyle Karate 

Kaizen: a Japanese word meaning - betterment, incremental and continuous improvement.
Freestyle: as we have broken away from the old school in line teachings of Kata, instead we introduce interaction by encouraging students to partner up and empowering them to communicate with each other, thus assisting in their learned skills.
a Japanese word meaning Empty Hand.

Our Kids Karate classes are a great way to increase physical activity, make new friends and have fun, but most of all we give your child the necessary tools to develop and grow into a responsible adult.

Our program combines the best techniques and qualities from various styles

  • Karate - Our Kids Karate Perth program mix the strong core fundamental values of discipline, respect and honour along with the uniforms and grade belt system to reflect on their progression through each grade level.
  • Muay Thai - They learn the explosive striking power and speed along with the accelerated fitness levels as they persevere to higher and harder levels of techniques and knowledge.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - With its gentle approach to avoid larger opponents with simple easy escapes from locks and holds combined with effective takedowns and submissions.
  • Filipino Martial Arts - Single and double stick weaponry skills together with the empty hand applications and the knowledge from weapons defence will show our youth how to safely and easily avoid or disarm an attacker with little or no effort. While at the same time complement the teachings of the rest of our well balanced system and disguise repetition with variety.

As your child progresses through these specially designed Kids Karate classes, you can expect your child have increased confidence, respect, self control and humility. Our classes also assist in dealing with poor attitude, school room problems, bad study habits and bullies. We will teach your child to be able to recognise conflict situations and be able to avoid or deal with them correctly and with confidence. Our Kids Karate classes also cover the essential topics such as:

  • Stranger danger
  • Fire safety
  • Alcohol & drug awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Personal growth
  • Health and fitness for life

Here at AMAF we teach your children life lessons, using the martial arts as a tool. Kids Karate is a positive investment in your child’s future as the skills they acquire will assist them in every stage of their lives.

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