Black Belt

martial arts programs for kids & teenagers

Let us help you build confidence in your child!

Our Kids Karate and Teens martial arts classes are a great way to increase physical activity and make new friends, while gaining the skills needed to develop into a confident and responsible adult.

Students learn the positive benefits of self discipline, develop co-ordination and increase strength and flexibility. Parents can be assured we promote good behaviour and focus on respect. As such, our students develop the ability to listen, learn and achieve within a regulated environment. We also expect students to show these same attributes at home and at school.

Our aim is to equip students not only with self defence skills and increased fitness, but with life skills that extend beyond the Dojo and into their classroom, home and adulthood.

Little Ninjas 3-5 Years

Packed with high energy games to develop fitness and introduce our young ninja students to a healthy active lifestyle.

Teens Kickboxing & MMA
11-15 Years

Learn the skills, movement and explosive techniques associated with Muay Thai.

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