Searching for Kids Karate Classes in South Perth, Carlisle, or East Victoria Park? Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness Good Times and Improved Health.

Bad habits, you’ve discovered, are too often learned - with your child mimicking each behaviour, shadowing every movement. He watches you with wide eyes, noting every time you flop onto the sofa and reach for calorie-coated candy; and, as your waistline expands, his does too. This is a problem that demands immediate solving.

Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness suggests letting us help. We offer kids karate classes in Perth, kids karate classes in East Victoria Park, and kids karate classes in Carlisle - providing children with a way to improve their bodies and strengthen their esteem. Our instructors accommodate all ages, creating tailored programmes that encourage fun and movement. To learn more contact us today.

Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness: About Us

Founded in 2008, we serve as the leading provider of kids karate classes in South Perth and beyond. We recognise the growing concerns of obesity among youths, and we’ve created a dynamic programme to engage our students and counter the issue. By combining a series of styles - including Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - we inspire an interest in wellness and healthier habits.

Our kid's karate classes in Perth provide family-friendly fitness. To learn more visit our Videos page and watch our students in action.

The Approaching Epidemic: The Need for Kids Karate Classes in East Victoria Park

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, obesity is on the rise - with 25% of the youth population classified as overweight. This number is all too expected, keeping pace with the 63% of adults that bear the same classification. Children are observing and continuing, the patterns of their parents. This has led to a 10% overall national increase in obesity.

It’s also led to a need for kids karate classes in Carlisle and kids karate classes in South Perth. To combat poor dietary choices and sedentary lifestyles, parents must offer their children fitness options - allowing them to redefine their behaviours and increase their exercise.

Choosing Kids Karate Classes in Perth: Our Programme

To ensure a healthier generation, we offer kids karate classes in East Victoria Park and kids karate classes in Carlisle - pairing physical activity with mental focus to enhance every student's overall wellness. Our programme (which caters to those ages 6 to 10) combines a variety of techniques, including karate, Muay Thai, Filipino martial arts, and Jiu-Jitsu. Each style enhances strength, improves balance, and helps to establish fitness goals. Through this, students learn the value (and fun) of exercise. Calories decrease as interest grows.

During each kids karate class in South Perth, our qualified instructors promote a safe and positive environment - ensuring that each student feels secure and further helping to encourage good lifestyle choices. They emphasise the need for health, discipline, and self-respect; and, through their teachings, children gain much-needed confidence.

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