Find a New and Exciting Way to Get Fit Year-Round with Kick Boxing Classes in South Perth, East Victoria Park, and Carlisle from Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness

With the rapid pace contemporary life seems to move at, finding the time to exercise and keep yourself in good physical shape is not always the easiest task. Motivating yourself to get out the door and run a few kilometres, or to go to the gym and lift some weights, can seem a Herculean task. Do you feel that it would be much easier for you to keep up with a fitness regimen if it had structure to it? If your answer is yes, here's another question: have you ever considered the martial arts? While there are many different types, some are uniquely suited to becoming a regular part of your workout routine. One such discipline is kickboxing. Combining strength with high impact cardio and a host of other exercises, it could be just the thing you want.

At Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness, we welcome everyone to our kickboxing classes in Perth whether you are a beginner or an advanced fighter. Because we are open year-round (not just during school terms) and have many flexible class times, it's easy to fit us into your schedule. However, convenience isn't just the only reason to take up kickboxing with AMAF. Consider the incredible workout our classes are, too.

Burn fat and develop new abilities with our kickboxing classes in Perth

Our "Kick Box & Burn" kickboxing classes near South Perth will have you discovering strengths you didn't even know you had. Before the pace of your day picks up, come on in and get your heart pumping and start the process of burning fat. Not only will you feel energised when you leave, but it's an excellent way to blow off steam and manage the stress that your busy life generates. Running for just 45 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have flexible time options too — come in at 6 am, or meet with us a little later at 9:15.

Looking for something to do before your afternoon shift starts? Our freestyle day classes also run MWF and begin at 12:30 pm. Learn self-defence and kickboxing in classes near Carlisle, shower off, and head in to work feeling pumped up and good about yourself. That's what training at Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness is all about — having fun and improving yourself!

Convenient options make it easy to fit us into your schedule

Whether you arrive early in the morning to attend one of our Kick Box & Burn classes before you head to work, or you duck away on your lunch break to take one of our kickboxing classes in East Victoria Park, AMAF welcomes you to our facilities. From short but intense workouts to more extensive sessions, and even private lessons, we can accommodate you no matter your time constraints. Whatever time of the year you decide it's time to try kickboxing, our doors are open. To learn more about how our classes work or to sign yourself up, come see what we're all about at Unit 9/5 Milford Street in Victoria Park. Prefer to chat on the phone first? Ring us on (08) 9355 0255.

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