Looking for Disciplined Exercise While on a FIFO Job? Visit Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness, Serving East Victoria Park, Carlisle, and South Perth

When you're jetting around the country for work, be it in the mining industry or another sector of the Australian economy it can be an extreme challenge to keep up with your fitness routine. That's even more true if you are a student of the martial arts. Regular practice in your area of discipline is essential for the continued training of your mind and body. However, finding a studio that can accommodate your irregular schedule is difficult even in ideal situations. When you return to your home in or around Perth, getting in the training and exercise you desire should be a top priority. That is why Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness is the ideal choice for you.

Our two storey location offers training in advanced martial arts in East Victoria Park, but don't let the name fool you. We welcome everyone from the most basic beginners wishing to improve themselves to the more advanced students looking for a way to keep their skills sharp in between jobs. We stay open all year round and make it a point to work with our members to find a schedule that suits them best. Even if you can only attend one or two weeks at a time due to your roster, we have classes you are welcome to join.

Our advanced martial arts for Perth blend the traditional and contemporary

Our goal is not to force you to compete at a high level in advanced martial arts. Perth workers desiring an inviting and friendly place to train when they are between jobs will find our classes the ideal solution, no matter which discipline you wish to join. For example, our lunchtime classes are perfect for workers such as yourself. Combining Muay Thai with Kali self-defence and a freestyle form of karate, you'll get the workout you want while building confidence in yourself. That's what our advanced martial arts for Carlisle residents is all about — making you feel better about yourself while training your body towards its peak condition. Remember, it's all about having fun while you get fit. Not to mention you'll feel better equipped to handle the circumstances of your job next time you fly out!

Sign up for classes today — we can't wait to see you

Whether you are brand new to the world of combat sports or you are an advanced student looking for a place to continue your growth between jobs, we are the ideal location to study advanced martial arts in South Perth. With our on-site gym and the helpful participation of our more skilled students, you'll feel at home in no time. We even offer a three-month introductory membership plan for FIFO workers so you can get a sense of the flow of the class. Give us a try — we hope you'll decide to stay with us for the long haul.

Curious about how you'll fit in at Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness? Questions about our methods? Ring us today on (08) 9355 0255. We're always happy to take your call.

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