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Group Training, Workshops & Seminars

Would you like to get an edge out of your training?
Like to get your techniques correct prior to a grading or competition?
Don't have time for the normal class times or simply enjoy training one on one instead of a group

We have Personal Training sessions available 6 days a week for General Fitness, Self Defence, Muay Thai, Kali Sikaran, Kids or Teens. Times available from early in the morning through the day and into the night.

Starting at $45.00 per half hour, plus great rates for group training.

Personal Training with any of our Instructors is a great way to focus, advance and intensify your training goals. Sessions cater to anyone wanting:

  • To supplement their group training
  • To push their skills, fitness and conditioning to the limit
  • To focus on specific skills and techniques
  • To prepare for an upcoming gradings
  • To train with one or more friends
  • An alternate training time due to shift work, family commitments etc
  • A great gift idea for a friend or family member
  • Perfect for FIFO workers

To book your Personal or Group Training session, or interested in Workshops or Seminars please contact us today 9355 0255

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