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Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing is known as one of the most effective ring sports, as well as a practical, progressive and effective form of combat. It is one of the oldest fighting arts tracing back as far as 2000 years with its traditions deeply rooted within the history of Thailand and its people, defying invasion and forging an independant nation on numerous occasions. Muay Thai utilises the use of eight weapons of the body including both fists, legs, knees and elbows, with both stand up and grappling techniques. What makes Muay Thai so popular and respected is its effectiveness in real situations, be it for competition, fitness or self defence. It relies on simple and efficient movement to generate maximum power and efficiency. Classes here will teach you the skills, movement and explosive techniques associated with Muay Thai, all while improving your physical fitness, stamina, mental discipline, confidence and overall well being.

Class Format

Here at AMAF we do not pressure you to compete like some other Muay Thai clubs. Rather we give you options/choices on how you may wish to train. Fitness classes are suited for most people, however if you wish to gain more from your training experience our Muay Thai classes feature safe and modern training principles with a grading system to test and measure your progress. Still want more from your training, then why not continue your journey through to the higher grade levels to learn and discover the art of Muay Thai.

Fitness Class - no experience necessary

Our beginners fitness class, held in Victoria Park is structured to cater for both girls and guys with no experience, doing it for fitness and fun. You don't have to be fit to start this class as it's designed to ease you into the training. The emphasis is on teaching you the correct, basic techniques that everyone can master while at the same time showing you how to hold the pads so that you have an understanding on performing the techniques. Many of our higher ranked students train in this class to brush up on the basics but also to assist or mentor our new students. Our team encourages you to build your fitness at a steady rate, pushing yourself at your own levels to obtain a strong workable foundation for the future classes.

Benefits from Fitness Class:

Improved cardio, weight loss, increased confidence, learn the art of Muay Thai striking.

Intermediate class - Level 1 & above

This class is for those that have graded to their first levels in our Muay Thai curriculum and therefore comfortable with the techniques and holding pads but want to learn more advanced skills. These classes are fitness based mainly incorporating the use of the Thai pads (forearm pads). This is the class where you will learn a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your technique, fitness and pad holding skills, plus provide you with defensive and counter striking skill set that will prepare you for the next classes.
You will need a mouth guard, leather shin pads, groin protection and 16oz gloves to participate. Any equipment that you may require can be purchased at our club shop.

Benefits from Intermediate Class:

Increased cardio & padwork, learn the defensive and counter striking art of Muay Thai

Advanced class - Level 3 & above

The advanced class is for those who have graded to the higher levels in our system and wish to learn more about the grappling and sparring art of Muay Thai. This class covers all the skills required for moving through the next grade levels into and beyond Black Belt (Black Shirt). The focus here is on higher levels of fitness, pad work and bag work, plus sparring and grappling.

Benefits from Advanced/Fighters Class:

Grappling, sparring, greater understanding of the martial art of Muay Thai

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