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Self-defence and fitness classes for adults

At AMAF, we believe Martial Arts is about much more than being able to defend yourself. It’s a way of life.
It teaches you to control your mind, your body and your emotions. You feel calmer and more confident, everywhere you go. The AMAF adults programs for Muay Thai (Kickboxing) and Kali Sikaran are specially selected to give you, the student, a clear easy decision on your training choices:


If fitness is currently at the forefront of your current desire, we suggest that you enter our Kickboxing classes.

Wanting more from your martial arts experience?

There is nothing better than the Kali Self Defence program. 

Still not sure what you should be training?

use our Intro Offer and try all our Monday to Thursday 6pm classes.

kICK BOX & burn

The perfect morning class for the participant who is looking to get fit, burn fat and learn proper skills, all in a fun & friendly environment.

kickboxing - lunch classes

This is a great way to get the blood pumping for the afternoon. Ideal for people looking for a fun re-energising fitness and self defence class.

MUAY thai kickboxing

You don't have to be fit to start our beginners classes. They are structured to cater for girls & guys with no experience, doing it for fitness & fun. 

KALI Self defence

This dynamic yet graceful flowing art will show even the smallest of defendants how to safely & easily avoid or disarm an attacker with little effort.


Working away? our morning, day and night classes cater for any roster that you may find yourself on. We can custom make a plan to suit your needs.


One on One or group sessions available 6 days a week for General Fitness, Self Defence, or Kickboxing, for Adults, Kids or Teens.

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