Being a single mum and running my own business, I thought I don’t have time to get fit, I can’t do martial arts I am overweight and unfit. After ‘running’ into Mike Waite on Facebook I started to think I want to do martial arts, I want to reclaim not only my body and my fitness but my well being.

I finally took the plunge and headed to a class... that was nearly 2 years ago and I have never looked back. The kindness and caring that was shown to me made me comfortable straight away, we all worked at our own pace. I quickly realised that this was more than a hobby or a sport, it’s a way of life and that the people I train with are part of a big family, my family. Feelings of belonging, of doing something positive for my body, mind and soul... not to mention the incredible well being I now feel as a result of my training, came quickly.

What I have learned in my training I have been able to translate into my personal and professional life. As a result I am not only a fitter mum but a much more balanced and happy

By the way I am 45 and not the youngest in class... so why Waite, come and check out a class this week.

Catherine Shovlin

My son decided he wanted to do Karate so we found a class, after 3 weeks he loved it and we bought the necessary uniform etc, 3 months later he was bored and never wanted to go. Then he decided he wanted to do kickboxing after talking about it for months (we believed it would be the same as his interest in Karate) He started at Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness. I was impressed how clean everything was and how the children were treated and expected to behave.

It was a great decision.

We noticed his appetite improve immediately and his school teachers noticed a difference in his attention span in weeks. 4 years later he is heading towards his much wanted Black Belt. Mike's changing of lessons regularly has kept him interested instead of wanting to leave. He has improved his fitness, attention span, respect and pride.

I recommend it for everyone.

Sharon Lyons

My two children aged 7 and 9 have been members of AMAF for the past 3 years doing Karate and Muay Thai. I can thoroughly recommend the club not only for the fitness aspect but more importantly for the discipline and self-control that my children have learnt during their formative years.

Mike and his teachers take a personal interest in the wellbeing and development of my children and I have always been impressed by the careful words of advice and guidance that they offer all the students.

From my perspective this is a fantastic training ground for young impressionable children who can all benefit from exercise of a disciplined nature.

Formston family

Three years ago I was at a very low point in my life.  At 120kg I was grossly overweight and as a result had a very poor mindset.  Leaving the Army and a relationship breakdown coupled with financial loss had left me disillusioned and at the end of my tether. Having always wanted to try martial arts I got in touch with Mike Waite to discuss coming down to train.  Imagine my surprise when instead of a little Asian man in a white gi being at the desk it was a 6'3" Aussie with a goatee!  (Yes I did fall for the stereotype!!!!)  To my surprise Mike was more than happy for me to train with them down at AMAF even considering my weight and the fact that I had a badly damaged ankle that was missing a ligament and needed a fairly substantial brace.

My decision to join the team at AMAF changed my life.  With proper advice and direction the weight started to come off, my mindset improved greatly and eventually I didn’t even need to wear my ankle brace any more.  I was able to try a range of martial art styles and was surrounded by an awesome group of people.  Even though I couldn’t always make it to every class and at times due to work had extended time away from training, AMAF was always there as a backstop in my life.  Not only did it improve my fitness and mindset, but as a result all the other areas of my life improved as well.

Six months ago I took the bold step to take my training to the next level.  I quit my job and started a small business so I would have more time to train and dedicate myself to martial arts.  I am now 83kg and still shrinking and have even competed in a gym show!  I still love training as much now if not more than I ever have and I hope I inspire you to come down and join our team at AMAF and change your life for the better as well.  I look forward to seeing you here!

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